NUTS Netlink Protocol

NUTS Netlinks Protocol was originally developed by Neil Robertson for NUTS 3 (version 3.0.0 to 3.3.3). It also exists in Amnuts developed by Andrew Collington.

Work by David Gatwood

This documentation was originally created by David Gatwood for back porting the NUTS 3.3.3 Netlink Protocol (new in NUTS 3) to his derivitive of NUTS 2.3.0--the Deep Space 36 (DS36) Talker.


These were posted by <> and contain essentially the same content as the specifications listed below.


These are documents about the reverse engineering and possible extension of the NUTS 3 Netlink Protocol.

Source Code

These are netlinks ported to a NUTS 2.3.0 derivitive. They are no longer available in Globegate FTP space where they were originally posted but are locally mirrored here.

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